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Triton Barn Systems offers high-quality, cost-effective horse stall solutions 

Triton Barn Systems, an Iowa-based manufacturer of horse stalls and horse barns, is proud to offer customized solutions to fit every need. All Triton Barn products are Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication, which prevents rusting on the inside, where the rusting process starts, as well as the outside where it’s first visible.  

Today’s economy makes it more important than ever to find a cost-effective solution for horse stall needs. Two popular models are free standing and kit stalls. Both provide a durable, well-engineered housing - without a lot of carpentry work.  

Each kit stall features custom components that make them easy to assemble and eliminates much of the tedious work that is otherwise needed to build a great stall. The kits provide a permanent, cost-effective solution, as their heavy-duty door frames attach directly to the wood posts in a barn. Free standing stalls offer a modular design that gives the user maximum flexibility on the layout – and are 100% movable when needed. 

All stalls feature non-protruding door latches and guides that make it very safe for both the horse and owner, whether the doors are open or closed. The latch and guides are hidden so they won’t interfere with floor cleaning and most importantly, won’t injure the horse.    

Each of these models – kit stalls and free standing stalls – offer a sliding door front with a maintenance-free dry track and roller system that has a lifetime warranty. The rollers are made from a high-strength “Delrin” material that never requires grease or oil. The self-cleaning round track allows the door to be easily opened – it can be opened with just one finger. And, this will last for the life of the stall.  

All Triton Barn products are Hot Dip Galvanized both inside and out with a 98% zinc coating, making them resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures, and even the wear and tear a stall endures over the years. When done properly, it’s the best long-term protection in the industry  - up to 80 years. That’s why Triton Barn Systems offers a 25-year corrosion-free limited warranty on all products. The result is a strong stall that keeps a great appearance throughout its life.  

Investing in a Triton horse stall means a virtually maintenance-free experience. The stalls will never need to be painted or scraped – instead, a simple mixture of detergent and water will keep it looking brand-new for years to come.  

For more information about Triton Barn Systems, or to get a quote on a horse stall kit, visit their website at You can also call (800) 918-6765 to speak directly to Curtis Gardner, the president and CEO. Triton Barns has offices in Texas, Minnesota and Iowa, and ships to locations worldwide.